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Maid Cleaning is rated 4.9 / 5.0 based on 285 reviews

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Give yourself the break you deserve to spend time the way you want and still come home to a super sparkling clean home! Stroll through Little Havana, Coconut Grove and Wynwood, and leave house cleaning to the most professional maid service in

The Magic City!

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Maid Cleaning is rated 4.9 / 5.0 based on 285 reviews

When the sky is blue and air is warm, head to the sunny beach while…

We clean your home.

Maid Cleaning is a leader in environmentally conscious cleaning.

All Green – All Clean – All Safe – All Secure – On every job.

Attention to tiny details plus thorough deep cleaning


Makes Happy Miami Home! Happy Miami Customers!

Cleaning professionals who embrace high quality products and procedures on every job, small or large

Cleaning Crew

Background checks, experienced, highly skilled cleaning maids with rigorous training.

High Maid Service Quality

Deep cleaning is the hallmark of Maid Cleaning Miami.

Eco-friendly Home Service

Green Seal Organization certified applies to all our cleansers and products.

Bonded and Insured

All in place in the unlikely occurrence of an accident or incident.

Know What you Pay in Advance

Flat rate pricing removes any surprises or hidden costs.

State-of-the-art Equipment

HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners offer a safe, 99.9% allergen-free residence.

Professional, secure, easy, convenient

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Best Cleaning Quality Always

Quality never falters. The first time deep cleaning is the same every time we come to your home. Each skilled cleaning professional goes above and beyond expectations on every job. They clean where other companies never bother or notice. Maid Cleaning Miami supports the highest cleaning standards in the industry and accepts any challenge to make your home gleam and sparkle in every corner of every room.

Saving Time for What Matters

The online advantage of Maid Cleaning Miami means you preserve your time to enjoy the arts and culture of Miami life while we deep clean your home with a wow factor.

Home Cleaning Online 24/7

Move fast, live smart, embrace the Florida lifestyle and book maid cleaning service quickly and simply online, 24/7, for your complete convenience, from any gadget.

Safe, Secure Pay Method

Maid Cleaning Miami employs completely secure processing for credit/debit card payments, including website SSL and HRRPS encryption certifications.

Honest and Dependable

Home cleaning personnel go through background checks, in person interviews and comprehensive training for integrity, skills and reliability.

100% Happiness Guarantee

Your house, condo, loft, townhouse, tiny home, mansion or apartment is deep cleaned every time to your specifications and our highest standards.

Clean And Clear Communication

Online communication makes everything easy for you. Send e-mail, engage in LifeChat, text or Twitter! You also receive automatic reminders by e-mail to keep you informed about your house cleaning maid service.

Talk to Us Any Time

You can communicate 24/7 via LifeChat, email, Twitter or text about your schedule and feedback. We send reminders and keep you informed by email.

Best Home Cleaning Service in Miami

Maid Cleaning Miami offers distinctive advantages in residential cleaning services. Every cleaning visit is a deep spring cleaning kind of adventure for your home.

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Flat-Rates for Home Cleaning

Spend your time on what is important and totally relax about having a clean house, loft, condo, townhouse, apartment, tiny home or big place. Maid Cleaning Miami has got you covered on the house cleaning front, so you can spend time in the slow lane at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Miami cafes.

Super, deep cleaning. Every time.

 Give your home a spring cleaning kind of adventure right now and year-round.

Discounts: Monthly (10% Off) Biweekly (15% Off) and Weekly (20% Off).

Maid Cleaning Sun City

Top Rated for Services, Staff, Ease of Booking, Environmentally Conscious and Professional Results

You Can Get a Maid Service in the Following Miami Areas.

Miami’s neighborhoods and cities that we serve: Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Midtown, Edgewater , Miami Downtown, Hallandale, Bal Harbour, Sunny isles , Muse Sunny Isles, Faena Residences, Carbonell, Icon Brickell, SLS Brickell, Jade Brickell, Echo Brickell, 500 Brickell, Brickell Heights, SLS Lux brickell, Paramount, Porsche Tower, Asia Condominium, Three Tequesta point Condo, One Tequesta point condo, Carbonell Beickell, Ivy on Brickell, Aqualina Residences, Trump Sunny Isles , Paraíso Edgewater, Epic Residences , Conrad Residences, Four Seasons Residences, 1060 Brickell and all Miami Downtown Area.

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Maid Cleaning collaborates on HGTV projects

“For our extraordinary quality and cleaning service, we were invited to participate as partners in Property Brothers Season 5.”

Thank you so much- I was telling Jany on Saturday how you guys are hands down the most thorough and amazing cleaning crew we’d have across the seasons. Your work was great but your staff was also so pleasant and friendly to work with – so thank you.

Art Director
hgtv in MCN
Property Brothers Miami
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Tips To Hire A Home Cleaning Service

  • Why hire Maid Cleaning Miami for all your house cleaning service?

    Because our services are the Highest Quality with Deep Cleaning every time.

    Our approach to cleaning goes way beyond moving dust from one place to another. The deep cleaning philosophy dictates that every home be cleaned with attention to detail in every space, every corner, every room, every bathroom and everywhere. It is not sensible to spend hundreds of dollars a year just to have someone move dust. Maid Cleaning Miami tops the competition every time for deep cleaning for the day of house cleaning service for a neat home in the coming days as well. Every service visit includes deep cleaning quality at one affordable flat rate.

    Because house cleaning Rates are Reasonable.

    You only need to calculate the cost in time, supplies and equipment to understand that this top-notch Miami house cleaning service makes good sense for your effort and your wallet. By the time you coordinate with cleaners, interview them, hire them and hope they show up and are honest, then factor in your expenses for cleansers, supplies and machinery in good working condition, you’ll find Maid Cleaning Miami is a very sensible approach to keeping your Florida home sparkling clean and attractive.

    Because all our cleaning services have a Flat Price.

    We embrace the Golden Rule, so because we don’t like hidden fees and extra surprise costs added on, we do not do this to our house cleaning clients in Miami neighborhoods. You can hop online, get a flat rate quote and schedule home cleaners to arrive on the day and at the time of your convenience. And you know for certain before we arrive precisely what you will pay in one flat rate charged online. You don’t need to bother with cash or a check or money order. We ask that new customers understand if your home has not had any professional cleaning service within the past three months and/or is unusually dirty or messy, an extra fee must be assessed to cover extra work and time.

    Because the cleaning products are Eco-Friendly.

    At Maid Cleaning Miami, we are passionate about cleansers and supplies which are “green” and not at all harmful for the environment, people, pets, plants and furniture. The Green Seal Organization has certified many cleaning products, and we choose to use these on every house cleaning service call. We use different cloths for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas which are appropriate for the surface material being cleaned. High quality, microfiber cloths are always used when dusting to capture particles, not simply move them.

    Because There’s a 100% Guarantee.

    Happy customers are the best, and there are many in the Miami areas we serve. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the results for which you contracted, tell us within 24 hours. Our house cleaners will return to rework the space described at no additional cost.

    Because Efficiency and Expert Skills are at work.

    Productivity, efficiency and highly-proven methods are at the center of excellence in house cleaning quality and customer satisfaction. Our locally-based, Florida residents and professional house cleaners understand work flow, prioritizing tasks and moving quickly with high quality results simultaneously. You are welcome to be at home or be away while we do what we do best ~ and you have time to spend as you wish.

    Because Comprehensive Services are the standard.

    The entire Maid Cleaning Miami service staff is proud that we bring not only sharp, skilled, experienced house cleaners, but also non-toxic cleaners, cloths, supplies, vacuum cleaners, mops, etc., into each condo, loft, apartment or home cleaning project. This also includes training, vetting, transportation, supervision, purchasing the products, maintaining the equipment and much more to deep clean your house to sparkling clean every time.

    Because there is No Contract. You can schedule, cancel, reschedule and adjust days, dates and times quickly and easily online.

    There is no binding or confining contract to agree to when you ask Maid Cleaning Miami to clean your house. Additionally, you can enjoy discounts for regular or multiple house cleaning services, but there is no obligation to enter any kind of contract. We make every effort for repeat clients to send the same cleaner(s) for being familiar with the property, pets, expectations and details. You completely control the schedule for your convenience.

    Because house cleaners are Bonded, Insured, Competent, Honest, Trained and Skilled.

    House cleaning in nice Miami neighborhoods is our strength, and the house cleaners are professionals in their field. We do not work in commercial or industrial buildings. Our specialization includes houses, apartments, lofts, condos, mansions, duplexes and townhouses and furniture, art, kitchens, bathrooms, bookshelves, light fixtures and home decor. We are dedicated to improving home life quality through exceptional deep cleaning. All workers are bonded and insured for your protection.

    Because of this being a Family-owned House Cleaning Small Business.

    Hundreds of clients rely on and trust us to clean their homes, enhancing their quality of life and extending their own personal time. Around than half of new customers are recommended by existing customers. Word of mouth is the highest praise and testimonial. We are professionals with extensive experience in the house cleaning business, and the entire business model is grounded on integrity, client satisfaction and best practices.

  • Choosing the Best Miami Maid Service

    House cleaning is imperative for indoor air quality, sensible cleanliness and even good health. The Miami climate is very warm year-round and coupled with the average rainfall of 62 inches, conditions are ripe for mold and mildew. Dust and dirt left untouched for any length of time reduces indoor air quality and becomes a general nuisance in the home. Ideally, homeowners and residents desire a long-term relationship with a reputable, experienced house cleaning company. There are several from which to choose, and here are a few guidelines to help you make an informed decision.

    Long-term goals. A one-time cleaning is certainly possible, but reaping the benefits of a clean home on an ongoing basis leaves you with free time and an orderly home life where you can comfortably relax and entertain. It is well-documented that productivity increases in a clean environment, and with the huge expansion of home offices and freelancers, a weekly or biweekly house cleaning service could be incredibly advantageous for your career.

    Budget. The very best maid services in and around Miami are not cheapies, but they are worth the expense for stellar results every time. It’s hard to measure the value of a super clean house when you do not have to spend hours to attain it. When reviewing your home budget, juggle things around to free yourself from the chores of cleaning, dusting, sweeping, scouring, vacuuming and removing pet hair and dander. Understand the advantage and savings of using a house cleaning company which pays for gas to get there plus all the supplies, products, tools and equipment to get the job done. Prices include much more than labor, yet be aware that some companies may charge for transportation, supplies, pets and all kinds of additional fees in the fine print.

    Check References. Ask for at least three references, preferably long-term customers. Then contact each one and ask what they like the most – and the least – about the maid cleaning service they use in Miami. Inquire about reliability, consistency, friendliness, integrity, fair charges, satisfaction. Check out Yelp, Home Advisor and other review websites.

    Personal Preferences. Know what you like in cleansers, if eco-friendly products are a priority, or if you must have HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners which remove 99.9% of dust particles and allergens. Interview the house cleaning companies you find for their accommodation for pets, religious requirements in the home, elderly or babies, cultural sensitivity and other special considerations.

    Getting Started. It’s easy to do a search of professional house cleaners, and it will be very rewarding for your having new-found time and the burden of cleaning lifted. You can find a great match for your home, your needs and your budget in the Miami area. Start with Maid Cleaning Miami and check our references and reviews, policies and willingness to meet your needs and give you a deep cleaning experience on every visit. Compare house cleaning company procedures, ease of booking, cleaning depth and willingness to adhere to special considerations and customer instructions.

  • Advantages of a Professional House Cleaning Service

    Fast, Easy Booking. With the click of a mouse or tap on a button, you can order furniture, food, Uber, books and pretty much anything under the sun delivered to your doorstep. Maid Cleaning Miami has joined this smart world of rapid response by offering online quotes, scheduling, payment and feedback – via email or download a free app. As a local leader in the house cleaning industry, our company takes pride in this contemporary approach to doing business. It saves you time arranging for high quality, deep cleaning with eco-friendly products, and once set up, you have even more time to spend on things you need to do and love to do, while our experts clean your house.

    Professional Approach to Home Cleaning. Not only is apartment, condo or house cleaning a low priority for many people, but also there are streamlined methods with high quality products that produce exceptional results known to the professional house cleaning people. Each staff member at Maid Cleaning Miami is thoroughly vetted, trained and experienced in best practices. Attention to detail translates into mirrors, under furniture, window sills, doors and places that get overlooked by a busy homeowner or resident. Deep cleaning is the standard of every visit in every house or condo in every neighborhood, including Carbonell, Porsche Tower, Sunny Isles, Coral Gables and many more. Let the professional maid service at Maid Cleaning Miami do what they do best, and you can spend your time doing what you do best.

    Buy Yourself Some Quality Time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that house cleaning is not the way most people want to spend a Saturday or a couple evenings in the week. Maid Cleaning Miami willingly accepts that responsibility, so you can get out for a little life in the slow lane at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens or strolling around Little Havana. Leave the time-consuming, mundane house cleaning to the professionals and enjoy extra quality time for yourself with loved ones or catch up on work. We custom tailor each job to your specific instructions. We are pet friendly and offer monthly, weekly or one time cleaning rates. Most often, the one time cleaning jobs evolve into regularly scheduled cleaning because of the high satisfaction with our deep cleaning results. We are like a new best friend for keeping your house a place you love to come home to and entertain your family and friends. Permitting Maid Cleaning Miami to work for you is like allowing Windows to install updates to your computer while you are checking your emails.

    High-end Products and Equipment. Using the right tools for any job makes it more effective, and our eco-friendly cleansers and procedures assure a fresh indoor air quality and maximum “green” results. Every cleaning maid knows which products work best in each room on each kind of surface. It’s hard for regular folks to keep one of everything on hand to clean wood, ceramic, granite, carpet, tile, porcelain, glass, etc. But, Maid Cleaning Miami stocks and brings specialized cleansers and high quality filtration vacuum cleaners to every home.

    Affordable Luxury with Experienced Personnel. All the workers with Maid Cleaning Miami have had background checks and speak English. They are experienced and knowledgeable with cleaning products, procedures and special concerns. Everyone is bonded and insured because this family-owned small business is serious about your security and your satisfaction. Maid Cleaning Miami is a house cleaning service you can afford. Our clients come from all walks of life, and we are humbled to work and provide a luxury home cleaning service. Our 5-star reviews tell the story, and nearly half our new clients are referred by current ones. This is one luxury you can afford, and the time it saves you is invaluable, plus you have a home where you can relax in a neat, tidy environment and entertain without any concern for order and cleanliness. Log on today and embrace some luxury for tomorrow.

  • Maid Cleaning Miami Can Improve your Quality of Life

    Between family, work, social life, school and friends, it often seems like there are never enough hours in a day or days in a week. Our experienced, knowledgeable house cleaning staff works with your schedule so you can focus on your work and enjoy fun stuff like strolling around Coconut Grove or Wynwood or taking the kids to Zoo Miami or Miami Seaquarium. Your sparking clean home can contribute in a big way to a positive outlook that enhances any Miami resident’s lifestyle.

    Maid Cleaning Miami is highly-rated for house cleaning service. Skilled house cleaning professionals have the training and experience to offer unparalleled condo, house and apartment cleaning results throughout neighborhoods like Edgewater, Brickell Heights, Midtown and downtown. The team arrives at your doorstep — via electric car! how cool is that? — on the day and time of your choosing to deep clean your home spaces. Say goodbye to hours spent cleaning and even buying lots of cleansers and supplies. Part of our high marks can be attributed to the fact that we cross your threshold with all the eco-friendly cleansers, micro-fiber cloths, HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners and “green” supplies necessary to clean your house with optimum results. You can now enjoy entertaining at home and fuss only over the Cuban coffee, brand of chardonnay or chips ‘n dip and soda flavors.

    You get what you pay for. The entire staff at Maid Cleaning Miami embraces the concepts of quality and value. Our team has been carefully selected for high quality standards personally and professionally. Everyone takes pride in being passionate and dedicated to your home cleaning satisfaction. There are no shortcuts in our work, and deep cleaning every room is the norm, not the exception.

    Pet-friendly is like our middle name. Knowing your pets are safe and secure while we clean gives you peace of mind. Additionally, our non-toxic products keep your air quality and surfaces “green” clean. Every Maid Cleaning Miami house cleaner is comfortable around animals and makes every effort to ensure your furry, feathered or scaled friends remain safe during condo and apartment or house cleaning visits. We are happy to accommodate special instructions regarding our interaction with your pets.

    Knowledgeable, reliable and local. Dealing with a local, small business means the cleaning professionals live in or near your own neighborhood and love the community and local customers. As a client of Maid Cleaning Miami, you are part of the giant economic engine that supports the local economy. Home cleaning is our niche, but we also know a lot about Miami and all it has to offer. While we clean your house, you can visit or re-visit interesting places like Lincoln Road or Miami Design District. Enjoy the sights and scenes in and around Miami and return home to enjoy the personal pleasure of a wonderful, clean, interior environment.

  • Is it Worth Hiring House Cleaning Professionals?

    Costs vs. Benefits. House cleaning is not top on the list of things to do for most people day after day. And when a moment comes along, it’s often a quick vacuum, a swipe at some dust or wiping out a sink. It’s a time-consuming job when done right, and Maid Cleaning Miami’s professional house cleaners do it right with “green” products and expertise in managing tasks and priorities. How can one put a price on advancing a career, going on a picnic with a grandchild or best friend, taking time out for coffee with a friend in need, enjoying a spa afternoon for much needed R & R or indulging in a little shopping at the trendy Miami Design District? For the price of having your house, apartment, condo, townhouse, loft or McMansion cleaned, you claim the benefit of valuable time, along with having a clean, tidy, organized home in which to relax and entertain.

    Reduce Your Stress. Looking at dust on the shelves and a little mildew in the shower or some dog fur on the wood floor can be discouraging and cause some degree of stress, as time commitments loom on the horizon, and house cleaning does not fit neatly into your week. A complaining housemate or life partner can cause undue stress in a relationship. Take the pressure away with one click of a mouse, tap of a finger or phone call to Maid Cleaning Miami. We can be your new partner in home cleaning, so you can be proud to open your front door every day – to yourself, others who live with you, your friends, in-laws, colleagues and neighbors. It’s not worth stressing over when house cleaning professionals are but a minute away online 24/7 or on the phone Mon-Friday. Give yourself the break you deserve, and ditch the stress of house cleaning today.

    Cleaning Not My Forte. Even if you do not stress out over a dirty environment, it’s possible that house cleaning simply is not one of your strengths. Capitalize then on what you do well, and let the nice, kind, experienced people at Maid Cleaning Miami do what they do best — superior deep cleaning of homes. Not offices. Not industrial places. Personal residences with furnishings, bathrooms, kitchens, pets, art, home decor. It is worth leaving the cleaning to those who are passionate about it, and spending your time on whatever you are passionate about. It is one smart, sensible approach to a quality lifestyle.

    Opportunity Cost. Opportunity cost is weighing the price of one thing vs. something else. There is so set answer, as everyone’s circumstances are different. The fact that you are reading this says that professional house cleaning might be valuable to you in terms of money, time, energy and results. You have to evaluate this the same way you decide to buy Starbucks coffee four times a week, indulge in a spa treatment or spring for tickets at the Jackie Gleason Theater or Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. House cleaning comes back to you in time and the pride of having a clean home to enjoy and entertain others.

    The House Cleaning Partnership. Professional house cleaners from Maid Cleaning Miami are most effective when you do your part not to have trash, clothes and papers all over the floor or super sloppy kitchen habits. There’s an old adage that mechanics do a better job on a clean engine. Our maids deep clean every time to the highest standards, but it takes more time and effort to work in very messy conditions. We find most folks love their super clean home so much that between house cleanings — whether monthly, biweekly or weekly — they rise to the occasion to do their part in staying tidy as much as their own time allows. We like your furry friends, too, but depending on the breed and personality of a dog, for example, it might make sense to have it in a crate or out at the groomer’s or on a long walk in the park with you while cleaners are there. All those details are easily addressed with our professional scheduling staff and house cleaning personnel.

    Any Day You Choose. Your work and personal schedule may dictate that one certain day of the week is best for house cleaning. It could be the day you work a 12-hour shift or just before the weekend, or on Monday following the weekend. Whatever day is best for you is best of Maid Cleaning Miami … we are flexible to meet your needs and schedule. If it varies from week to week, then we’ll vary from week to week or month to month. We are here to serve you at your convenience, day of the week and morning or afternoon.

    So, Is It Worth It? Lots of factors go into evaluating value for anything. Our flexible options and freeing up your time from house cleaning tasks make professional house cleaning services a real, tangible benefit in a hectic life. Since Maid Cleaning Miami does not lock you into any kind of contract, you can call us when you need to or begin by establishing a monthly schedule. Whatever you decide, we are but a mouse click away to schedule, pay and review. It’s so easy that a fifth grader can do it, but we don’t advise turning over your buying power to an 11-year-old.

  • Advantages of Utilizing a Professional House Cleaning Service

    To meet the demands of careers, family, school and recreation, house cleaning becomes one of the top most neglected tasks. Maid Cleaning Miami is the most easy and highest rated home cleaning service because of the 24/7 online access and free app. A few more top reasons for having us clean your house so you can keep up with everything else include:

    Cleanliness for enjoyment and entertaining. By engaging professional house cleaning services, your home will always be the kind of clean where you can comfortably relax and entertain. This can eliminate stress and give you confidence to have dinner parties, brunch and simple coffee or lunch with friends in your own home. You select the time, the day and date and totally control the cleaning schedule to suit your needs.

    Experience. Professional house cleaners are trained and skilled in procedures, cleansers, efficiency and thoroughness for every space in your home. They also breeze in with all the products, supplies and equipment needed for top-rated cleaning work.

    More free time. Spend your down time not holding a rag or vacuum cleaner, but out and about in the city or on the beach or at the movies or hanging out at Bayside Marketplace instead of staying inside cleaning your house. Since we clean on your schedule, there’s no interference with the fun things you like to do.

    Knowledge. Each Maid Cleaning Miami professional house cleaner is knowledgeable of the cleaning industry and high standards. By hiring our reputable, professional house cleaners, you can be assured of a quality service and deep cleaning results every time.

    Professional tools and equipment. Using the right cleansers, supplies, tools and vacuum cleaners makes every job meet the high standards embraced by Maid Cleaning Miami. The house cleaning industry keeps up with new-to-market gadgets and products, and there is no replacement for commitment and dedication to customers while employing all the proper tools and procedures.

    Tailored to your needs. The entire staff at Maid Cleaning Miami values every customer and receives instructions and specific directions with willing, professional acceptance. Any cleaning plan can be custom-tailored to address your situation. Never hesitate to ask questions, share concerns and offer feedback.

    Business professionals. House cleaners take their jobs as serious as any professional. Each house cleaner with our firm is bonded and insured with the highest level of integrity and reliability. This gives you a peace of mind you may not find just picking randomly from a craigslist or classified ad.

    Training. Comprehensive house cleaning training includes understanding how to safely manage and clean furnishings, use correct cleansers for different surfaces and operate equipment safely. Additionally, the maid cleaning personnel is aware of the importance of showing up on time, being personally well-groomed and communicating effectively with everyone.

    The perfect solution for a challenging time. Since there is no binding contract with our home cleaning service, you can call us for those times where you are sick, recovering or simply moving through a challenging time of being overworked, having a new baby, caregiving a family member or struggling with big life-changing decisions. Being in a clean home can lift up your spirits and lend a sweet sense of order.

    Reliable house cleaning again and again. To take house cleaning out of the life equation and place it in the hands of Maid Cleaning Miami on a regular basis helps you plan your own social entertaining at home or step up attending fun street festivals, visiting the exotic animals at Jungle Island, riding the Loop Road at Big Cypress National Preserve and really enjoying the beautiful, warm, Miami lifestyle to the max.

  • Environmentally-Friendly House Cleaning

    Clean indoor air quality is imperative for good health and even more important for very young children, older folks, people with asthma and other health challenges. House cleaning is a very important part of a healthy home, and non-toxic cleansers, special filter systems in vacuum cleaners and people who know and use the best “green” products on the market can keep your home sparkling clean in a chemical-free environment. “Green” cleaning maid services are your best option for safety and health of your family, pets and home.

    Eco-friendly Cleansers. Some independent house cleaners and maid service companies do use all natural, sustainable cleaning products. The Environmental Working Group is an agency which rates cleansers for use and sustainability. Their tips include looking for:

    • Green Seal certification
    • Non-toxic labeling
    • Neutral pH levels

    Dust cloths. Turkish towels are lint-ridden, and paper towels are expensive and add more waste than necessary, i.e., not very environmentally friendly. The microfiber cloth is gaining in popularity and offers many good benefits:

    • absorb more liquid
      easily attract dust
      pick up significant quantities of germs and bacteria
      natural cleaning ability can reduce cleanser use
      lower environmental impact on landfills
      come in colors for use in different spaces eliminating cross-contamination.

    Energy-Efficient Equipment. The Energy Star symbol denotes energy efficiency, and the whole program provides truthful, unbiased information on environmental concerns for products. Energy Star-certified equipment like specialized HEPA vacuum cleaners with high filtration capability should be used by all professional house cleaners. Equipment endorsed by the American Lung Association is another good measure of vacuums which capture maximum dust particles and allergens from surfaces through the home.

    Cleaning Procedures. Environmentally-conscious house cleaners and maids should be trained and experienced in the proper methods of cleaning as well as mixing concentrated natural products and using the minimum amount of anything to get the job done. They embrace recycling, handle trash or waste carefully and wash their hands often. As new “green” products and streamlined protocols for cleaning are introduced to the industry, individual cleaning companies stay informed.

    Hiring. Each home cleaning company should share its eco-friendly cleaning philosophy up front and divulge any extra charges for requesting all natural cleansers and high filtration equipment. Other firms promote their environmentally-sound practices and include “green” cleansers and high quality equipment in the cleaning price quoted. Savings from using non-toxic cleansers may not be in dollars, but in wellness and enjoying a healthy indoor air quality – which is priceless.

  • The Low-Down on Maid Cleaning Services

    Living in a clean, well-organized home raises productivity as well as mood, wellness, attitude and general outlook on life. People who hire a regular house cleaning service enjoy the dual benefits of (1) freedom from cleaning chores, and (2) having a house to enjoy after work or during work for the home office telecommuters or to entertain more often or simply relish for the busy stay-at-home mom or dad or caregiver. Getting the right service is key to a long-term relationship grounded in mutual trust and respect.

    Other advantages to using a professional maid service include:

    • savings on cleanser and product expenses as most companies bring their own
      reduced vacuum cleaner costs of belts, bags and repair
      amazing results with experienced, efficient, skilled house cleaners
      eliminating floor wear and tear with regular cleaning care
      improving indoor air quality with “green” cleaners
      contributing to the local economy
      supporting hard-working small business entrepreneurs
      specialized maids with skills and training
      trustworthy workers who are bonded and insured
      tasks custom tailored to your home and preferences
      pet-friendly approach
      more time to do what you do best while we do what we do best (clean!)

    Some of the parameters to consider when deciding which maid service to use are:

    • Online presence
      Easy booking and payment terms
      Communication lines open
      Bonded and Insured
      Training programs
      Culturally sensitive
      Deep cleaning approach
      Competitive rates, no hidden fees
      Comfortable with pets
      Available for your schedule
      Discount for repeat business
      Knowledgeable on eco-friendly products
      Five-star reviews!
  • Business Information

    Maid Cleaning Miami Logo Maid Cleaning Miami 1300 S Miami Ave Ste 1111 Miami, FL 33130 $140 to $380 +1 (305) 445-9111
    Hours: Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00">Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm offers the Best Maid Service in Miami, FL, including
    • Always-Deep Cleaning Quality Service
      • One-Time Cleaning Service
      • Recurrent Cleaning Service
      • Move In/Out Cleaning Service